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Examination of Current Combative Class Models

Kick Boxing/K1 Style
Kickboxing Class based on learning the basics of striking, to the most advanced techniques using punches, kicks and knees with supervised light contact with a partner. Class training includes Thai Pads & Mitts Work Out and using various Heavy Bags.
Grappling involves an amalgamation of many ground fighting techniques; Wrestling, Judo, JiuJitSu and Brazilian Jiujitsu. All our grappling classes are no gi since none are used in the present MMA world.
The MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) class is a blend of our Kick Boxing/K1 Style & Grappling classes covering all theses techniques
Kick 4 Fit
Discipline of "No Contact" that combines kicking and punching with functional excercises. Explosive combinations of cardio with functional workout while moving to the beat of current music using the innovative "Wave Master XXL" punching bag.
Introduction to MMA Kids 6+
Children will be introduced to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. With a combination of discipline, respect, self esteem and most of all lots of fun. Kids will practice kickboxing(no contact with other students) using special punching bags. They will also be introduced to basic grappling techniques.
Introduction MMA Youth 12+
Youth will be approach MMA, learning the respect for the sport and each other in all aspects of life. Wether in class or ones daily routine. The classes are designed to be fun in an informal environment. They will learn Kickboxing/K1 style techniques with supervised light contact. They will also learn grappling with supervised submission techniques as well.
Power Training
Power training is a class that is dedicated to cardio and strength conditioning. This class uses functional circuit training and punching bag work.
Personal Training
Personal training with one of our instructors please call (438) 494-3471 for information.